Kwik P.
We arrived about 15 minutes before closing and the gentleman said he could take a look at the phone. He cracked it open and said It needed a new screen and wires. He fixed it while we waited, took him about 15min. He gave us a one year warranty on the work.They do free diagnostics, have good prices, and great customer service. Will definitely visit them if and when butterfingers drops her phone again (knock on wood).
Noor M.
Smart Phone fix is a great place to Repair your Devices.. sunny was very helpful & did a perfect Job with my IPhone X .. He was Also Kind,Polite Any Skilled. This is a Best place to Repair your Apple device.. will be coming every Time If I need a anything... Thank you SMART PHONE FIX
Onli U.
I told an old phone in there that wouldnt charge but it had alot of info on it that I needed to see. This man was sincere and respectful to the fact that I really needed to get the information off of the phone. He began to check it and then showed me it was now charging. I was so happy and didn't want to do anything to lose the charge, that I asked if I could leave it a few hours and pick it up later, he immediately said yes. That day got very hectic and I ran out of time to go back. Next day was business as usual and I ended up forgetting to go by there for about 3 weeks!!!!! I wondered if I should even go back, I mean no expectation for these people to babysit my phone. I did go back and began to describe to him about the phone and leaving it etc, he stepped in the back room and came back out with it!! I am a customer for life.What service! What kindness!
Sche A.
Totally dedicated and focus on service to customer. Always friendly, every time I've been in there. Very knowledgeable and professional. It is nothing like when I've gone to places like tmobile, metro, boost, etc where basically people are just there to have a job with little to no real telecommunications background or knowledge. Glad I found these people.
Armond E.
I called all around Arlington and this place was god bless. I will never go to office max or any place again!!! Love this place.
Smartphone F.
These guys are awesome! Not only are they cheaper than other iPhone repair places, but the people are super friendly and helpful and much more knowledgeable than other places. I had my iPhone 6 screen replaced and they diagnosed and repaired and turned it around in under an hour!